Addressing Personality Changes in Dementia

Personality changes are one of the most challenging aspects of dementia care. Patients may exhibit unusual behaviors such as making odd statements, forgetting hygiene routines, repeating themselves, or becoming paranoid. These changes can be frustrating and confusing for caregivers.

Understanding why these behaviors occur and learning strategies to manage them can significantly improve the caregiving experience. Effective strategies include not pointing out inaccuracies, using distraction techniques, keeping unsafe items out of sight, supervising hygiene routines, and spending quality time together.

Calabar MedixTrack Technology Ltd. supports caregivers in managing these challenges with its thorough mobile app. The app provides real-time access to patient information, medication schedules, and behavioral management tips, helping caregivers navigate the complexities of dementia care. By offering practical solutions and support, Calabar MedixTrack Technology Ltd. enhances the caregiving experience and improves the quality of life for dementia patients.

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