"A platform for a coordinated approach to managing medications for dementia patients"

Who We Are

Calabar MedixTrack Technology Ltd. is dedicated to assisting and reinvigorating the dementia care industry; subsequently, it has developed an all-in-one mobile app that offers a coordinated approach to managing medications for dementia patients. With the assistance of technology, Calabar MedixTrack Technology Ltd. offers much potential and can improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their informal caregivers.

Problems To Solve
  • Dementia

    General term for loss of memory, language, problem-solving, and other thinking abilities.

  • Medication

    Managing medication is complex for dementia patients which can result in, Medication errors, Medication-related hospital admissions, Dependence on others to assist with medication management tasks.

  • Economic Costs

    Annual global cost of dementia is increasing every year.

Our Solution

Improved communication between the dementia patients, doctors, & drug distributors.

Adherence to medication and monitoring of diet behaviour are the key areas where the application of mobile medical apps has made a difference. Calabar MedixTrack medical app has been developed to monitor patients' health, provide data to physicians, and manage patient care.
Calabar MedixTrack solution will play a potential role in assisting with patient care as it is based on a coordinated approach between the drug distribution outlets and patients. The Company has developed a platform that tracks the drug usage and stock levels for each patient. It also provides an estimate of when a drug needs to be restocked.
Calabar MedixTrack solution has initiated a huge change in the way doctors relate to patients and vice versa. Patients can control their medical decisions through the app as dementia medication becomes more effective if they are taken in the correct dose and regularly monitored for side effects.
Calabar MedixTrack coordinates information between caregivers and distribution outlets to ease the supply chain process to ensure that high-risk patients always have access to their necessary medication. Furthermore, users can find the nearest drugstore and the lowest price for the required medicines.
"User-Friendly App"
Jan Maco
Drug Distributor
"Highly Recommended!"
Jane Wilcox
"Innovative Solution"
Dan Ellis
Meet The Team

Amit Singh Raghuvanshy

Chief Executive Officer

He is a hardworking and distinguished Business Unit Head with over 21 years of experience in valuable and diversified leadership positions. He has worked as Medical Representative, Area Manager, Regional Sales Manager and Business Unit Head. As Chief Executive Officer of Calabar MedixTrack Technology Ltd., Mr. Raghuvanshy aims to serve as the figurative head, by utilizing his managerial experience and knowledge to bring the company to success within the Canadian market.

Precious Job Egboro

Chief Operation Officer

He is an ambitious and driven project manager with more than 25 years of experience. He has worked as Operations Manager, Team Lead Pipeline Operation, Principal –Pipeline and Facilities Manager, Manager of Projects and Engineering, Manager and General Manager. As Chief Operation Officer of Calabar MedixTrack Technology Ltd., Mr. Egboro’s proven record of leading companies to profitable success will prove valuable, as he assists the CEO in day-to-day operations to bring the company’s ability to thrive in Canada.

Anayo Kenny Ezenwaka

Chief Commercial Officer

He is a great business entrepreneur with integrity, serving as a figurehead for three companies. He has over 15 years of leadership experience working as Chief Executive Officer and Proprietor. As Chief Commercial Officer of Calabar MedixTrack Technology Ltd., Mr. Ezenwaka’s proven record of leading companies to profitable success will prove valuable as he assists the CEO to bring the company’s ability to thrive in Canada.

Kingsley Okechukwu Onyegbula

Chief Business Development Officer

He is a successful business owner and a director with over 29 years of experience in the medical lab, PPE, and equipment field. He has worked as Personal Assistant, General Manager, and Managing Director/CEO. As Chief Business Development Officer of Calabar MedixTrack Technology Ltd., Mr. Onyegbula’s passion for client relations and people management skills will be essential in bringing the company to success within Canadian markets.

Vivian Ndubisi

Chief Marketing Officer

She is a Deputy Managing Director with 16 years of managerial experience in the Oil and Gas support services. As Chief Marketing Officer of Calabar MedixTrack Technology Ltd., Mrs. Ndubisi will actively contribute to marketing effectiveness by identifying short and long-term issues by providing information, managing the company’s overall resources and operations, and recommending options. Her eagerness to excel and her in-depth knowledge in areas of people management, leadership, and marketing will be vital for the company’s ability to thrive in Canada.

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